Boyette RoadWith daily traffic coming to a gridlock along the Boyette Rd. construction corridor, residents are looking for a silver lining in it all, something that may take a little while in finding as Steve Valdez, Hillsborough County spokesman, confirms that the second phase will not be completed until February of 2009.
Consisting of roadway from Balm Riverview Rd. to Donneymoore Dr., Boyette Rd. is being made into a four lane road, capable of accommodating the 24,000 vehicles that travel its cement contours each day. The problem is the need for turn lanes. So far, the county has incorporated a left turn lane on Boyette Rd. for those traveling westbound. But to its detriment as gridlock is still occurring in the area.
“This time around, we have tightened up on our contracts for bid,” states Valdez. “The contracts do not allow for turn lanes to be taken out. We are hoping for a much smoother commute for everybody during the phase three construction.”
The county has plans to begin the third phase of Boyette Rd. construction, from Donneymoore Dr. to Bell Shoals Rd., in March of 2009. Still keeping with the existing alterations, four lanes, bike lanes, curbs and gutters, the county seeks to complete the project within an 18-month timeframe. The only difference will be the overhaul of the connecting bridge along Boyette Rd., which Valdez says will be totally reconstructed, leading to a total cost of $30 million for the third phase. In total, the combined phases are expected to cost over $50 million.
Once completed, Valdez mentions that the roadway should be able to have capacity for not only the 24,000 vehicles currently traveling the road but should also be able to provide enough capacity for 6,000 more cars, totaling a traveling vehicle volume of 30,000 daily.
To those who are amidst the orange cones and exhaust fumes, Valdez says, “Construction is never a pleasant thing, especially when you live amongst it. Everyone’s patience has been appreciated. When it is said and done, their [residents] lives are going to be much easier on a daily basis.”
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Carisa Biesecker
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