Riverview High Scholarship SigningKnown for its high number of students who receive both athletic and academic scholarships year after year, Riverview High School has once again wasted no time to hold its first college signing of the 2008-09 school year.
Continuing in the tradition of parents, friends, teachers and coaches who gather in the principal’s conference room for a festive occasion, the school hosted a college signing for Kayla Webb in September.
Webb, who has played for the Sharks’ girl soccer team, was excited to sign her letter of intent on attending and, of course, playing soccer for Tennessee Temple University, a choice, she admitted was not too difficult to make since she will be joining her best friend Brandy Schock, who had signed with Tennessee Temple University at the end of the last season and began attending this year.
“My coaches and Brandy have convinced me to take this road, and, now, I can hardly wait to start,” Webb said.
Pleased with Webb’s success, Riverview High School Athletic Director Ron Wardlow began the ceremony by sharing his thoughts with those present.
“The greatest joy for a school is to see a student succeed and advance both academically and athletically,” Wardlow said, adding, “We are extremely proud of Kayla and wish her the best at her new school.”
Riverview High School principal Robert Heilman was also proud of Webb and her decision when he said, “I am pleased with your choice, not only of the sport but of the education as well. We wish you a successful future.”
According to Steven Houle, who has coached the girls soccer program at Riverview for the last three years and has now tuned the responsibility over to the school’s new head soccer coach Katie Reed, Webb was essential to the Sharks’ success.
“Kayla is a happy spirit, and I have enjoyed her company on the team. She has played and is capable of playing well in every position. She is a team player and never questioned her coaches. I am honored to have had her here with us,” Houle said.
Webb’s future college coaches Matt Smith and assistant coach Carlos Goncalves were also present during the celebration. While Webb will play-out most of the current season, she will be graduating early.
For more information about upcoming events and future college signings, please call the school at 671-5011, ext. 222.

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