Morningstar, pictured above, has been selected as the winner of the Ambassador of the year.Local Brandon resident and owner of local electric company, Morningstar Electric, Tammy Morningstar has been selected as the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador of the Year.
Morningstar is co-owner of Morningstar Electric, located at 506 Shamrock Rd. in Brandon, with her husband, Ken.
“I was completely surprised when I was announced as the winner of the award,” she said. “I felt honored to receive this award. I was selected by my peers for this award and it means a great deal to me to know my peers respect and trust me enough to honor me in this way.”
Bonnie Tekampe, who was Ambassador of the Year in 2006, said that receiving the award is quite an honor because the ambassadors do a lot to get the word out to the community. “It meant a whole lot to me,” she said. Tekampe said that Morningstar deserves the award because she is very giving; involved in the community and her business is very reputable. “I’ve used her business both commercially and residentially,” she said.
“Basically, the job of the ambassadors is to welcome new members and make them feel a part of the community, and she does that very well,” Tekampe said.
“When I became an Ambassador I was extremely shy and didn’t know anyone,” she said. “I made it my goal to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself everyday to excel to new levels.”
Morningstar said her future plans for the community is to see it come together and support local business and charities, neighbors helping neighbors and family events for all to attend.
Her company is very involved in the community and has plans to become more involved. It has done free electrical work for wounded soldiers as well as some local charities.  It is involved in the Community Roundtable Charities of Brandon and plan to waive its $49 Dispatch Fee to all customers in the month of April and May if they donate a bag of non-perishable grocery items to us for the Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO).
“I was also involved with the Brandon Mayors Race and plan to stay involved until I myself am able to run for Mayor,” Morningstar said.
Morningstar and her husband have lived in Brandon for 12 years and have three children, Alexis, 14, Nicholas, 12 and Kelly, 8, and they all attend Central Baptist Christian School located on Windhorst Rd.
For more information on Morningstar Electric, please call 892-4582 or visit
The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce is located at 330 Pauls Dr. in Brandon.
For more information on the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce and its Ambassador program, please call 689-1221 or visit it’s Website at

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