Fifth Third Bank recently announced the introduction of its Gold Checking and Secure Checking products, designed to streamline the account selection process and provide customers access to highly-used services at a discounted monthly rate.

“Nearly two years ago, our sales representatives began making changes to the way they recommend products and services, focusing not only on our customers’ short-term financial needs, but their long-term goals as well,” said Jim Paul, senior vice president and head of Retail Banking in Tampa Bay.

“Central to this more holistic approach is our free comprehensive Financial Needs Assessment.  This assessment tool has helped us to reshape our conversations with customers and has provided quality feedback, which we’ve used to develop these two new accounts better aligned with customer activity and needs.”

Fifth Third Gold Checking is a premium package that offers free check orders, Fifth Third Identity Alert, non-Fifth Third ATM transactions and rebated surcharges, money orders, cashier’s checks and traveler’s checks, in addition to safe deposit box rental and brokerage account discounts.  The package is ideal for those seeking identity protection, and for customers who write a lot of checks or use ATMs outside of the Fifth Third network.

Fifth Third Secure Checking is designed with financial security and protection in mind, offering Fifth Third Identity Alert, an emergency savings account and discounts on safe deposit box rentals.

“These packaged accounts combine features and services that help customers actively manage their finances,” adds Paul. “A savings account is built into each package that rewards customers for saving, and Identity Alert is included to provide customers the opportunity to monitor and protect their financial futures and sensitive information.”

For more information, please visit its Website at www.53.com.

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Jennifer Silverstein
Jennifer is the Assistant Editor at the Osprey Observer, having climbed the corporate ladder from intern in 2007. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. She lives in Channing Park with her husband, Eric, and their two dogs.