The Real Deal?

You watch “Reality” shows (Like American Idol) and you see singing sensations, you witness the growth and popularity of a certain few and we all become part of someone’s “dream come true” – Right?  Well, sometimes…but it’s rare to see  the “real thing” (and I’m NOT talking about Coke).  Like millions of others I watched Season 7 of American Idol, and like millions of others became a fan of David Archuleta – why? well, first he can actually sing, second, he seemed so REAL, humble, sincere, non-pretentious, approachable, the boy next door…BUT, was it all an act?  I’m here to tell you that the David Archuleta you saw on American Idol is very real!

david-archuletaOn July 30th David Archuleta paid a surprise visit to a full house of waiting fans and friends.  With no prior announcement of who would be speaking (or singing) at a  ”special musical fireside” held at the Brandon Stake Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, David Archuleta spoke and sang while the entire congregation witnessed first hand that this young man was the “real deal”.  Speaking for nearly 40 minutes and singing several of his favorite hymns, David spoke from the heart expressing deep conviction and gratitude for his faith, beliefs, and blessings.  He did far more than just sing, he touch hearts and caused many to reflect on the more important aspects of life.

David Archuleta is not just another singing act – his voice will take you beyond just listening, it will take you to a level of hearing that few other singers have the capacity to deliver.  It was an honor, pleasure and joy to have met such a spiritual giant – oh yeah, he sings really well too…did I happen to mention one of the nicest guys you’d every want to meet.

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