By Kathy Collins

dsc00193FishHawk Urgent Care/Urgent Care USA, located at 5464 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Lithia, is your hometown medical professional. Dr. Charles Ross, the Medical Director, was raised in Brandon and is pleased with his office’s consistent and reliable 9 a.m.-9 p.m. office hours to serve the local community.With the flu season upon us, FishHawk Urgent Care sent medical technician Carlos Lugo to the offices of the Osprey Observer armed with 15 doses of the current flu shot available for staff for $15 per dose. The microscopic needle on the shot takes seconds to administer into the upper arm and has virtually no side effects. Lithia mother of four and Christian Voice Monthly advertising rep, Donna Rayburn, said, “I never got a flu shot before. Getting the shot makes sense because you spend a lot more on medication and other items when you do get the flu.” Terry Vassalotti, Observer billing manager, said, “I got one last year too and it really seemed to help.”Kelly Howard, Head Nurse at FishHawk Urgent Care echoed these sentiments. “The flu is an illness that should be taken seriously. It can adversely affect those with an immune deficiency and the elderly. We strongly recommend that everyone, especially the young, those with immune deficiencies and the elderly get a flu shot.” She added, “So far this season we have given over 100 shots at FishHawk Urgent Care.”Howard noted that FishHawk Urgent Care is the only area clinic that accepts Medicaid and Medicaid HMO as well as most insurance plans. According to Howard, many clinics do not accept Medicaid, so it is difficult for patients to get care from clinics without an appointment. Howard further noted, “We offer fast and courteous service. We strive to get patients in and out while providing excellent care. We find that people appreciate this.” The cost of a flu shot is $15 each.Osprey Observer managing editor Marie Gilmore said, “Having FishHawk Urgent Care bring the flu shots to our office saved our staff time, energy, money and potential for getting sick. Not only do the staff appreciate the service but we were also able to see the professionalism and skills available from the staff at Urgent Care USA. FishHawk Urgent Care has, in addition to the Medical Director and a highly trained staff of nurses and medical technicians, five physicians on staff. They are board certified in family medicine, emergency medicine and internal medicine.If you would like to schedule a time for a member of the medical staff to come to your business to administer the flu shot, please call Shanita Robinson at 681-2111. If you would like more information on FishHawk Urgent Care, visit the Website at

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