By Tamas Mondovics

sports1ton and Washington have in common for many Brandon area residents? Well, for those who enjoy running, it is the annual fall marathon races.    The Brandon Running Association is now proud to recognize its members who have been working hard over the summer months to get prepared for each marathon event, which, according to club president Elton Kostecka, is by no means a walk or “run” in the park, thanks to the local climate.”Training in the Florida summer is very tough, but our runners were out there regardless, doing the work necessary to get ready,” Kostecka said. “Many times, the high temperatures and humidity forced the group to start long before sunrise.”  Kostecka was quick to say, “The effort was all well worth it,” as he recounted the club’s success starting with four runners who took part in the Chicago marathon, held in early October.Jess Sims completed that race with an official time of 3:32:06 while club member Michael Demko also completed the marathon with an official time of 3:12:51. Both runners have qualified for the 2010 Boston Marathon.Jen Morgan completed her first marathon in Chicago with a time of 4:08:26, and Judi Letteri finished with a time of 5:11:38. A total of 15 members of the club took part in the Marine Corps Marathon held in Washington, D.C. in late October with several members attending as supporters, while Craig Osborn and David Garrison took on running in the New York City Marathon, which was held earlier this month.  The Brandon Running association was formed in 1978, with the purpose of gathering those together who love to run, meet and train in groups as well as enjoy food, drinks and good company.The group has 50 plus members and meets six days a week for group runs. With the help from additional sponsors and volunteers, the association annually holds the Brandon half Marathon and 5K as well as the Shamrock 10K and 5K. The association welcomes runners of all paces with no membership requirements. For more information about the Brandon Running Association, please visit

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