Athlete Steps Up In Leadership
By Tamas Mondovics
Beingsports the captain of the Newsome High School girls soccer team may not be the most promising prospect prior to the start of the current season.True, the program did finish the past year with an outstanding record by winning district, only to be halted at the regional playoffs. However, to begin the present season with the loss of nine starters, including players who have made their unforgettable mark on the sport statewide, caused many to anticipate a tough, rebuilding season.   While the chance of such an outcome was also on the minds of the Wolves’ current team captain and senior defender Hannah Rainey, who for the past four years has been playing in the shadow of a number of talented athletes at Newsome, she now sees her final season having the potential to be her best yet.“I know that the Wharton tournament at the start of the season surprised everyone, including us,” Rainey said. “It gave us the confidence we needed this year and proved that we have what it takes to once again post a strong season.”As captain of the now No. 1 seeded Wolves team, Rainey, who has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old, commends the respect of her teammates while enjoying her position as a leader, both on and off the field.One of the main reasons for the young athlete earning such a position has to do with the way she views the Newsome soccer program and her fellow athletes. “We have a great team this year. We work well together and have a great chemistry. We have a good chance to reach the state,” she said.While soccer is the sport she not only grew up playing and loves the most, Rainey hopes to focus her efforts on furthering her education and earning her degree at Florida State University. For now, however, Rainey and the rest of the Wolves are focusing on finishing the 2009-2010 season with a better than ever record in hopes of actually reaching the coveted state title.For more information about the Wolves girls soccer program, please visit

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