Annual Chalk Walk Celebrates Art
By Carisa Biesecker
Looking to spark your child’s creativity while spending some quality time together? Then look no further than Center Place’s Fourth Annual Chalk Walk, where art and family time go hand in hand.Scheduled for Sunday, March 14, from 1-3 p.m., the Chalk Walk invites parents and children, ages 3 and up, out for a day of fun and freebies, participating in activities and face painting, viewing demonstrations, performances, a magician’s magic and displays and creating animal balloons and more. Upon their arrival, children will be given a Chick-fil-A box, thanks to the generosity of Tammy Holmberg, co-owner of Chick-fil-A at Lake Brandon Village, comprised of local vendors’ coupons as well as chalk. Each box is signified with a number that correlates to a particular position on the sidewalk surrounding the lake at Center Place. Children can go find their spot and get busy with their self-made creations. Headlined under the theme, For the Love of the Arts, the annual Chalk Walk “is another of our free family events,” states Executive Director Dawn Galia, adding that “it was an event developed to bring our Brandon families together for some fun with their children and to be able to express their creativity through chalk drawings. It is a special celebration of the arts.” With hopes of 150 children and families in attendance, the event’s sponsors include Chick-fil-A at Lake Brandon Village, Kappa Kappa and Pat’s Corner – Center Place’s gift shop. Some 125 children and their parents were able to make it out to last year’s event.Vendors are still being welcomed to the event, having no charge initiated for the free publicity. However, any who are interested are asked to contact Center Place by Friday, March 5, to reserve an area and are encouraged to hand out a free item. “It is a fun event for the entire family! We love to see the finished artistic creations!” concludes Galia. Center Place is located at 619 Vonderburg Dr., Ste. B, in Brandon, and can be reached at 685-8888. To learn more regarding Center Place, visit

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