New Riverview Company Lets Men Be Men

by Tamas Mondovics

While there are thousands of home parties catering to women, including some of the more popular ones like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay, one new company appropriately named Man Cave, dedicated to letting men be men, is ready to heat up the competition. Founded by Nick Beste a little more than a year ago, Man Cave currently has 740 advisors located in 47 of the 48 continental states, who primarily through a new type of manly gathering, which the company actually calls “MEATings” market a wide selection of products ranging from meats, spices, BBQ tools, wood chips to poker chips, mini keg dispensers, beer mugs, and bottle openers, just to name a few.   According to Man Cave spokesperson Samantha Krause, these MEATings are a great opportunity for guys to get together and have a Man Cave advisor teach them new grilling techniques like how to smoke a rack of ribs, grill a beer can chicken, and then, of course, to eat the food while having a couple of beers,” she said.  Krause said that the company is most proud of its quick growth in popularity and size and hopes to grow to 8,000 advisors by the end of the year. Demonstrating the company’s ambition, Man Cave recently announced a new partnership with Miller-Coors in which advisors are able to provide Leinenkugels beer at MEATings.  “This is something that we are very excited about and can’t wait for the results from this to start pouring in,” Krause said. Through the industry’s Support the Troops program, Man Cave hopes to donate $200,000 worth of products to the American service men fighting overseas.“With this program, when a customer buys a package of goods we will send an identical package overseas to the troops,” Krause said.   One of Man Cave’s newest local advisors, Riverview resident Robert Valadez, said that he couldn’t be happier being involved with Man Cave and, in turn, recommends being an advisor to others.“I love to grill,” Valadez said. “I use the products myself and have a great time introducing them to all who attend the MEATings. For me, it is a win-win situation.” All those interested in becoming a Man Cave advisor or hosting a Man Cave MEATing, visit or call Valadez at 526-0235 or e-mail to

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