“We want to witness to the Brandon area, countywide, statewide, nationally and even worldwide that there is a God and we all need a relationship with Jesus Christ,” states Ronnie Rivera, a leader of the local organization Emergency Workers For Christ.
A Hillsborough County Fire Rescue firefighter/paramedic himself, Rivera mentions that the group offers encouragement not only to local emergency workers – in the fields of medicine, fire fighting, law enforcement and dispatch – but to all residents. Meeting on the second Thursday of every month from 9-11 a.m. at 129 N. Moon Ave. in Brandon, he says, “Our purpose is to provide a support system for each other and to reach out to others through the love of Christ.”
With an average of 18 attendees meeting each month since the group’s first assembly this past April, the group’s mission is comprised of an array of Christian-based beliefs, ranging from witnessing to the community and providing peer support to educating members in regard to the Bible and serving others.
The group was originated by President Tim Partridge, a paramedic who conceptualized the organization two years ago, prompted to bring it to fruition after learning that firefighter/paramedic Shawn Hayston had the same vision for the area. Since then, Rivera adds, “…we have been on fire for God.”
Rivera, also holding the titles of chief financial officer and secretary, says: “Our goal is to share with everyone the greatest gift on earth and that is a relationship with Jesus Christ. We need their support and prayers to be able to reach out to the people that come to their rescue during times of emergencies, disasters, etc. We want to make sure that emergency workers not only help saves lives every day but also want to save their own lives and have that final eternal destination in heaven.”
For more information, call 900-2439, e-mail Info@ew4c.org or visit www.ew4c.org. Those who would like to see the group expand are welcome to make donations in the areas of a meeting location, materials, food and monetary contributions.
With Emergency Workers For Christ becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the coming months, Rivera concludes, asking residents, “Are you open to what God has for you?”

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Carisa Biesecker
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