Bloomingdale Senior High School freshmen Adam Lambert smiles to the camera on the streets of London, England while on a trip that allowed him and his fellow marching band members to perform to the Queen during a year-end parade. The trip was a dream come true for Lambert, who has been battling Osteosarcoma, a cancerous bone tumor.

It was a dream come true for 14-year-old Brandon resident Adam Lambert, who just recently returned from a trip to London where he had the chance to perform for the Queen of England during an end-of-year parade with the Bloomingdale High School Marching Band.
But, while for most of his fellow band members the trip was only a matter of will and the raising of some funds to cover the expenses, for Lambert, a Bloomingdale High freshman it was only a dream that was not likely to come true.
 In October of 2008, Lambert was diagnosed with and is currently battling Osteosarcoma, a cancerous bone tumor, which took the young trumpeter away from his normal daily routine and the rest of his classmates and the chance of going on a trip to England with the band.
“Spending a year in and out of hospital, while undergoing chemotherapy was not the way we expected to end his last year in middle school,” said Judy Lambert, Adam’s mother. “It was a rough time for him and for all of us as he could not be with his friends and missed out on a lot.” 
However, while going through his ordeal of cancer treatment, Lambert was connected with the Children’s Dream Fund, a local wish-granting organization, he told his dream coordinator exactly what his ultimate dream was: “I told them that I would like to join my fellow band members for a school trip to London where they will perform for Queen Elizabeth,” he said.
In December, just a week prior to the rest of the band leaving for London, Lambert received a visit from his Dream Coordinator, Kim Brett, who surprised him at his home to tell him that his $2,900 England trip was paid for in full through the efforts of the Childrens Dream Fund.
“I thought it was really cool,” Lambert said. “There was no way I could have gone and I want to thank them for doing this for me.” 
The Childrens Dream Fund relies on the generosity of individuals and corporate supporters to provide the funding and in-kind resources necessary to create an amazing experience for each and every child.
“We are thankful that Adam was feeling well for his dream,” said Cynthia Lake, executive director of the Childrens Dream Fund. Dreams are the best medicine and Adam’s dream trip will create memories to last a life time.”
Back from his dream trip, Lambert is feeling good and is looking forward to focusing on his schooling and possibly becoming a doctor. Of course, for now, it’s the memories of a great trip that clouds the mind of the young musician and the true meaning of giving.
“I know what this gift meant for me and I hope that the Childrens Dream Fund will help other kids fulfill their dreams as they did mine,” he said.
The Children’s Dream Fund, a nonprofit organization, headquartered in St. Petersburg, has been fulfilling dreams for children with life threatening illnesses on the west coast of Florida since 1981. 
For more information, phone (727) 896-6390 or log onto

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