At different junctures in their lives, Marie Gilmore, Jeff Hooks and Bob Hendryx, walked in to Rob Z Fitness with only a mere idea of a goal, they wanted to feel better by losing some weight. For Gilmore, it started off at 65 lbs, for Hooks it was 75 lbs and for Hendryx it was 63 lbs.  Rob Z saw an opportunity for so much more; an opportunity for long term, life altering change. With their initiative and Rob Z’s motivation and expertise the three are now members of the elite 100 Pound Club, having lost close to 350 lbs collectively.
In 2005 that initiative set in, when after two children and years watching the scale, Gilmore was ready to act. “Getting healthy was a lifestyle change,” Gilmore explained. It took her two years to reach 100 lbs and even more determination to keep it off for the past three years. “I had to learn to eat all over again,” she added.
To maintain the 115 lbs Gilmore has lost since taking on Rob Z’s program, she continues to work out there for strength training three times a week. For the remainder of the week she takes on cardio on her own three times a week. “I have to mix up my cardio workouts to stay interested,” she explained, alternating the elliptical, jogging and an outdoor activity like bike riding.
Gilmore attributes the difference in Rob Z Fitness to the trainers, “[They] understand the holistic whole body approach to diet and exercise and are cheerleaders for getting healthy.”
For Hooks, who five years ago was approaching his 45 birthday and facing the risk of diabetes and heart disease, his health became his catalyst. As a younger man, Hooks was active in racquetball and softball. Due to his weight gain, he spent close to 15 years without playing.
His first month, he struggled with motivation, discouraged by not seeing the drop he hoped for. He remembered Rob assuring him to keep going and going he did, losing and keeping off 115 lbs. “What he does,” Hooks explained, works if you just follow the plan.”  Now, he is back to playing racquetball and pushes himself forward, explaining simply that he doesn’t want to go backward.
To those, like himself five years ago, he urged, “Get up and get busy. Find the help you need.” He added, giving justice to the Nike slogan, “Just do it.”
A little over a year ago, Hendryx saw himself five points away from being diabetic. “I knew I had to change the way I was doing things.” At Rob Z Fitness, Hendryx lost 27 lbs the first month alone. “Rob is excellent at figuring out what you can do,” he explained.
Although he struggled with the eating plan, explaining, “bad eating habits don’t change overnight,” he believes in the plan and urges prospective clients to stick to it. “You have to accept all aspects of the program. If you don’t do it properly, you’re working against yourself,” he expressed.
In his yearlong journey, Hendryx has shed 113 lbs and become a competitive stair climber placing second in his first competition in Orlando. This upcoming March he will participate in his third competition in Chicago climbing four 45 story buildings. It has become a motivator for his workouts, which have been revamped to build muscle in his now lean body.
For Rob, these stories are the roots of what keeps him motivated to do what he loves so effectively. “I have always had a passion for wanting to help out others get back into shape.” Regarding those clients that after his program come off their blood pressure and cholesterol medication, he described it as “huge side benefits,” understanding the importance of a feat of that magnitude and feeling good about his level of contribution to that achievement. 
For those interested, Rob Z has programs available for everyone to train between one to three times a week and up to three months of commitment time.  “Our programs can fit the budget for anyone,” he stated, adding, “Commit to me and I will over deliver to you.” Rob Z has been in business since 1997. Four years have been at Rob Z Fitness located at 3438 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in the Steinmart plaza. He is entering his second year at a second location in the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa.
For more information visit or call 571-3700.

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