New Christian Hip-Hop club meets every Sunday at 8 p.m. in Brandon at the Boomerang Martini Club.

Christian rappers and hip-hop dancers stage a Takeover every Sunday night at Boomerang Martini Club in Brandon.
Organized by Wanda Wright of Thonotosassa, the Takeover is emceed by a Christian DJ, who introduces popular Christian rappers like Shonuff, Tiger “the Hope Boy,” and Brilliance, as Christian clubbers hit the floor to dance the night away.
Organizers research the rappers’ Websites, determine if they are quality Christian rappers and schedule them for an upcoming performance.
“We’ve even let some rappers perform the very night they came to us,” said Wright.
Wright first envisioned the idea when she heard hip-hop music being played in a church, and she immediately knew God was leading her start a hip-hop night at a local club.
“I realized Christians from different backgrounds and different churches need a place to come together and really enjoy themselves,” she explained.
Wright started her own business, Ryte Flyte Ntertainment, in early February to accomplish this very purpose. “I’ve learned that when the Spirit leads Wanda to do something,” said Dinah Crawley, a friend from Wright’s church, “she gets it done right… and she gets it done quickly.”
Through a contact at Boomerang Martini Club in Brandon, Wright was able to make arrangements with the club owner, and the first Takeover Christian hip-hop night was held in February.
That first night of the Takeover, there were more than 40 people of all ages in attendance.
“We were impressed with the lady that was 70,” said Wanda. “She stayed on the dance floor the whole night.”
During the Takeover, there’s no explicitly stated dress code or dancing limitations, but attendees are expected to be respectful of each other and the Christian faith.
Only non-alcoholic beverages are available at the club during this event.
The hip-hop party meets every Sunday evening, 8 p.m.– midnight, at Boomerang Martini Club, 2016 Town Center Brandon.  For more information, please call 655-1700.

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Jessica Jones
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