Dancer, now up for adoption, is just one of the horses rescued and rehabilitated at RVR Horse Ranch in Riverview.

RVR Horse Ranch in Riverview will hold Horse Rescue Awareness Day & Cookout on Sunday, September 25, from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. featuring pony rides, a 50/50 raffle, food and speakers in order to raise money to support abused horses.

RVR Horse Ranch is a horse rescue facility dedicated to saving and rehabilitating horses. The RVR Horse Rescue is a team of volunteers who rescues abused and neglected horses that are rehabilitated at the ranch and then placed in loving homes. The RVR Horse Ranch provides medical attention, nutrition and training in a safe haven in order to rehabilitate them and place them up for adoption for a small fee.

Working closely with the Hillsborough County Agriculture Sheriff’s Department, RVR saves horses being sold for slaughter and keeps track of all adopted horses to ensure that living conditions are favorable at all times.

The vision at RVR Horse Rescue is that rescued horses rescue people. The goal is to use the safe, rescued horses and their stories to help heal broken-hearted, sick and disabled humans.

One of the horses currently up for adoption is Dancer, a 9-year-old Standardbred mare, who was pregnant with her third baby when she arrived at the farm. The teenager left in charge of caring for Dancer along with a stallion and a colt did not take care of his duties. Dancer was emaciated, dehydrated and had a severe skin disease which caused all of the hair on her back to fall out. She had been attacked by a bobcat some time ago and never received adequate medical attention, so she has many big scars. She has developed a nervous habit with her leg that is apparent during feeding time.

She is now in a safe, dry environment with plenty of fresh water, plenty of good quality food and hay, and lots of love and attention. She is now finally putting on weight and her hair is growing back. Her transformation from her arrival at RVR Ranch until now is amazing, and she continues to improve and she is ready for adoption.

Along with fundraising events throughout the year, RVR Horse Ranch and its Rescue Team raise money through donations, adoptions, sponsorship and by applying for grants.

There are currently 25 rescued and adopted horse at RVR Horse Rescue and the public is encouraged to come by for a visit. Call for an appointment and do not forget to bring the carrots.

Don’t miss the event at RVR Horse Ranch, located at 12611 Hayes Clan Rd. Anyone interested in donating, volunteering or adopting a horse should visit or call 500-1071.

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