Cindy Shoemake’s couture bakery offers a variety of delectable goodies to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The Crumb de la Crumb Couture Bakery opened its doors in late July to the delight of sugar lovers in the Valrico area. Not only does Crumb de la Crumb offer a variety of delicious breads, cookies and cupcakes, owner Cindy Shoemake creates gorgeous custom cakes specific to her customers’ requests.
Each cake that Shoemake bakes is unique and that is the very reason Crumb de la Crumb is called a couture bakery. “Each cake is different; customers can take a few details from several cakes and put them together to create something new. From there, I can specialize colors, a customer can bring in a napkin, a picture, anything and I can match the colors,” said Shoemake. “If I see something, I can try and duplicate it. I’ve always been crafty. I paint and I sew and this is kind of an extension onto that.”
Shoemake made her very first custom cake for her son’s second birthday party. “He was into monster trucks and really wanted a monster truck cake,” said Shoemake. After having no luck finding a place that could make a monster truck cake without breaking the bank, she decided to make the cake herself. “It was the ugliest cake ever, but it tasted good and he loved it. It all started from there.”
Other than her beautifully constructed cakes, Shoemake offers a variety of other bestselling goodies that customers can find in the bakery every day: Cuban bread, hummingbird cupcakes, push pop cupcakes, cupcake filled ice cream cones and other novelty items.
One thing that Crumb de la Crumb does not have is a menu. “I don’t have a menu because there are so many things I want to do and I don’t want to do them all at one time,” said Shoemake. “Right now, we have $1 cupcakes on Tuesdays and soon we are going to have a Cupcake of the Day which will introduce new flavors.”
For customers interested in becoming cake decorating artists themselves, The Crumb de la Crumb bakery also offers cake and cookie decorating classes and birthday parties. “We do all different stages of cake decorating, from the very basic to working with fondant. We can even do cake decorating parties at your house,” said Shoemake.
The Crumb de la Crumb Couture Bakery is located at 1017 E. Bloomingdale Ave. For more information about cake/cookie decorating classes, custom cake orders or other questions, please visit or call 681-CAKE (2253).

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