The self defense class on Saturday, October 22, will donate all proceeds to Aidric Hunt. Here he is pictured with his mother who was tragically lost in an act of domestic violence.

Local martial arts instructor Lee Jacobs will be holding a self defense class on Saturday, October 22, to benefit the Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund. Aidric Hunt is a young boy who is diagnosed with severe autism. His mother, Larsen Hunt, was tragically killed by an act of domestic violence last year. Aidric was left without his wonderful mother to care for him. With many difficulties facing him in life, the Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund was created to help him along the way.

“When I heard about this story it was a no brainer that I would do something to help,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs, whose wife worked with Aidric’s mother at Tampa General Hospital, has decided to help this fund by conducting a self defense class.

“All of the money will go directly to Aidric’s fund,” said Jacobs.

The cost of the three hour class will be $40 and will be open to both children and adults. Martial arts is not about violence, but this class will teach people how to deal with violence and, if necessary, defend themselves.

“This event will have a twofold benefit”, said Jacobs, “First, it will give everyone coming a better knowledge of self defense and it will also benefit Aidric in a great way.”

Most people believe that they will never experience violence in their life, but statistics have shown that a person might have to defend themselves at some point in their life. This is why it is so important for everyone to have some basic knowledge of self defense.

The event will be held at Lee Jacobs Christian Karate Center, within the Golden City Gym Building at 930 Lithia Pinecrest Road. The class will be held from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

The class will be a great opportunity for people in the community to help young Aidric in a difficult time of his life.  Also, while people are helping Aidric, they will be learning self defense which may help them in the future.

This will be a great event for a great cause and with more help, Aidric will have the best childhood and future that he possibly can.

If you are interested in the class please RSVP to Lee Jacobs by phone at 684-3216.

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