Father Eugene Gancarz takes his post at Resurrection Catholic Church after the retirement of Monsignor Diez after 28 years of service.

Riverview’s Resurrection Catholic Church marked the beginning of a new chapter; one with Father Eugene Gancarz as its new pastor.
After 28 years as the face of Resurrection Monsignor Diez retired, leaving a legacy of community involvement.   
Gancarz, who comes from Plant City with 40 years of service, doesn’t pretend to be un-phased by the task at hand.  Upon being informed of his assignment, Gancarz described feeling, “A lot of happiness and satisfaction and an awareness of the responsibility. It will not be easy to fill the void after so many years,” he explained.
Gancarz compares his decision to serve in the church to the selection of a life partner. There is not one reason, there are many, he explained. “We’re all called to something. This is my path,” he said.
A native of Poland, Gancarz spent 21 years serving in Argentina and joked the time spent there has turned Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, into his favorite song. He speaks seven languages; Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and English. In 2001, he moved to Tampa and has circulated the same parochial zone as Diez. “I admire him and appreciate him,” he explained.
He aims to maintain the foundation laid down by Diez. “I am trying to learn the community. See. Listen. Appreciate the positive and eventually implement to build not to destroy,” he said.
Monica Fernandez-Stearns, a member of Resurrection for nine years and the secretary for eight, has been positively affected by Gancarz’ humility and respectfulness; asking permission for everything and introducing himself with the message, “We are here to serve people.” She expressed, “He is following all the seeds that Monsignor Diez planted, He is letting them develop and grow.”
Resurrection Catholic Church is located at 6819 Krycul Ave. in Riverview. For more information visit www.resurrectioncatholicriverview.com or call 677-2175.

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