Small fry society and bun in the oven bunch plans a variety of fun outings for mommy and baby, including Color me Mine and yoga.


Mommies-to-be and mom’s with new babies looking to get involved in fun activities outside the house need look no further than small fry society and bun in the oven bunch.
Amy Lundy, founder, was inspired to start up small fry society and bun in the oven bunch after her own experience trying to get involved with other mommy-and-me groups. Instead of waiting to stumble upon her ideal mommy-and-me group, Lundy decided to create her own. “I was looking to create a business that would marry my new role of mother with my desire to create unique educational, social, creative and fun experiences for mothers and their babies and expectant mothers in the Tampa Bay area,” she said.
The company is less than one year old and already clients are raving about their experiences and the fun they have had at the different socials. Mirna Skinner, a new mom living in the Brandon area, got involved with small fry society because she found it difficult as a small business owner to get out and meet other moms. “The activities that Amy has put together have been both fun and educational. I feel that it’s exactly the type of group that any mom can fit in with and have a good time,” said Skinner. “Most of the activities take place in south Tampa, but I don’t find the commute to be a draw back at all, every outing has been worth the drive.”
Jess Larson also joined small fry society with her six week old daughter Aubree in hopes of meeting other new moms and is extremely happy with the experiences. “I would definitely recommend this program to any new mom looking to get out and about and involve themselves in baby-friendly activities. Small fry has not only given me the opportunity to make new friends for myself and Aubree, but also given me wonderful ideas of activities to do with her that I would otherwise not have known about.  Amy has done a phenomenal job organizing the socials and involving local businesses that are extremely baby-friendly and welcoming.”
Past small fry society and bun in the oven bunch activities include yoga for mommy and baby, painting at Color Me Mine and Girls Night Out excursions. For more information about small fry society and bun in the oven bunch, visit

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