Shotwell has been assistant principle of Administration at Bloomingdale High School for eight years.

The athletic programs in Hillsborough County run under the leadership of many people. Each high school has coaches, players and many other individuals that work to make the sports team function. The position of assistant principle for Administration oversees the athletic department in Hillsborough County schools. This position not only serves as athletic director, but it also is in charge all clubs, school facilities and oversees student affairs.

At Bloomingdale High School (BHS), this position is held by Danielle Shotwell. Shotwell started out as a math teacher, transition to being assistant principal for Student Affairs, and has been in her current position for eight years.

“This position was always my goal,” said Shotwell. “You wear a lot of hats, but I enjoy what I do.”

Even though the person in this position is responsible for more than just athletics; Shotwell has a great responsibility to keep the athletic program running smoothly. Shotwell consults with both coaches and players. She loves to see the results of athletics in a student’s life.

“Athletics teaches teamwork, leadership, and overall life skills,” said Shotwell.

BHS’s main goal is to put a competitive product on the fields and courts, but Shotwell believes that winning isn’t everything.

“Kids learn as much from losing as they do from winning. The lessons from playing sports develop character in students,” said Shotwell.

In this job, there isn’t an ordinary day, but Shotwell’s main athletic responsibilities are everything from overseeing game operations in all sports to ordering uniforms and everything in between. It is impressive to see someone take on these responsibilities while attending to so many other matters that are involved with the position of APA.  Coordinating and executing big events like homecoming and prom are just a few other responsibilities that Shotwell handles. Basically, Shotwell is involved with virtually every student function whether that is sports, music, clubs, etc.

Shotwell received a master’s degree in educational leadership and an educational specialist degree. It is obvious that she is trying to be the best she can be to help the students at BHS.
“I love to recognize students achieve,” said Shotwell, “I want to create a safe climate for students to focus on academics, athletics, and leadership skills.”

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