Since 1982, Deborah Ray Roseman spent a good portion of her life behind the microphone as a radio talk show host. Today, Roseman sits at the helm of WTIS 1110 AM, Christian talk radio, a small, yet well-respected station.
Hosting her syndicated radio show, Healthy Talk Radio, for 23 years, Roseman promoted health and nutrition on both radio and television. In addition, she was also manager of Florida Institute of Complementary Health from 1980-2005.
Her Christian background and array of knowledge on health and wellness was her life’s passion. In addition, Roseman was named among the top 100 most important talk radio hosts in America by Talkers Magazine. 
When her husband purchased WTIS several years ago, Roseman’s found her role morphing from host to station manager. “I’ve been managing the station for one-year now and we’ve some major changes,” said Roseman. Upgrading the equipment or the “nuts and bolts” proved to be an undertaking for the historical radio station.
Inspiration AM 1110 WTIS is considered a Tampa radio legend. The station was first FCC-licensed as WALT in 1946. With a format change in 1965, the station became Tampa Bay’s first rock-n-roll station. Beginning in 1970, the station went through another format change to become the counterpart to the legendary WQYK FM in Tampa with its top-rated country programming. When Roseman’s husband purchased the station, the format had already been changed to a talk-Christian radio format.
Roseman is determined to use her new role to continue to improve and provide quality Christian programming to the Tampa Bay area.
One significant change that Roseman is working towards is moving to more “live and local” programming. The station broadcasts selected syndicated Christian talk radio, such as the Dave Ramsey Show; however, Roseman’s goal is to provide a platform for local pastors and other Christian community leaders to be able to express their messages and inspire people across the airwaves.
Roseman’s goal for WTIS is to build a program schedule for local organizations, live call-in shows and national programs to inspire listeners. “When people listen every day, you have the opportunity to touch their lives,” said Roseman. “This is a unique media.”
The station is celebrating its 65-year anniversary on Friday, January 6, with an open house including station tours and refreshments. The public is welcome. The station is located at 311 112th Ave. N.E. in St. Petersburg. Call 727-576-2234 or visit

Picture Caption: Morning radio host, John Myers with radio guest former Tampa mayor, Pam Iorio

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