Thompson teaches physical education at FishHawk Creek Elementary and runs competitively as a hobby.

Andrew Thompson, a physical education teacher at FishHawk Creek Elementary, teaches students everyday about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Last year, Thompson was convinced to sign up for the FishHawk Road Race by some fellow teachers and he has been running ever since.  Throughout the past year, Thompson has run in several races in the area, and his race times have been improving with experience.
“After I was talked into doing the race I was hooked,” said Thompson.  He has been teaching at FishHawk Creek Elementary for seven years. Originally a social studies teacher, Thompson became a physical education teacher because he was and still is passionate about teaching young people the importance of a healthy life.
“I try to teach the students lifelong lessons of keeping a healthy lifestyle,” said Thompson.
The father of two doesn’t have some outstanding workout plan to train for his races. Most of his training consists of just going out and running the distance he is planning to run in a race.
“I just go out and run the distance, “said Thompson, “I have gradually done more races; it has been a process.”
His first competitive race was last February’s FishHawk Road Race. He has run a number of races in the past year. Thompson has progressively become a better runner in each race, and posted a good time at this year’s FishHawk Turkey Trot 5k.  Thompson finished this race with a time of 19.51. This time was worthy of being placing second in his age division of 30 through 34. Because the racer who was ahead of him in the division placed first overall; Thompson was honored as winner of this age group.
Thompson has no plans, but to just keep running and enjoying himself.
“I just do this for fun,” said Thompson.
It is refreshing to see a physical education teacher living an active lifestyle, and being a great example for students to follow. Thompson gives back by helping young students realize the fun and importance of exercise and not being lazy. These principles are important now as they ever have been because of the temptation for children to replace physical exercise with other technologies.
Thompson is looking forward to this year’s FishHawk Road Race, as his racing career comes full circle. He is training harder than ever for this year’s race. Along with training, he is of course still teaching young people the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

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