Marcus Miller (center) has been with Anytime Fitness in Riverview since June 2011. During that time, Miller has lost an astounding 120 pounds. He could not have done it without help and encouragement from personal trainer, Jeules Rodrques (left) and owner, Brian Kleinschmidtt (right).

How do you measure success? For Marcus Miller success is measured in pounds, personal strength and overall happiness. Miller is 28 years old, a resident of Riverview and has lost over 120 pounds in six months.

Miller has become a devoted member of Anytime Fitness, located at 10875 Bloomingdale Ave. in Riverview. According to owner, Brian Kleinschmidtt, “Marcus is a great success story. He helps motivate people around him.”

Miller had tried out to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser. “During the evaluation process, you have to be open and honest with everyone. It becomes easier to be open and honest with yourself. It was during this process that I decided to change my mindset and really lose the weight,” explained Miller.

When Miller moved to Riverview, he started to walk everyday. During one of the walks, he met personal trainer, Jeules Rodriques. The two hit it off, and Miller started to work out with Jeules at Anytime Fitness in June 2011.

Kleinschmidtt attributes Miller’s success to his tenacity and to the atmosphere of Anytime Fitness. “We are almost a private gym. Our clients have access to the gym 24/7, so they can schedule their workouts around their daily schedule, ” said Kleinschmidtt. “You do not have to wait to get on the equipment. If you want to work out for 45 minutes, you can do that at Anytime Fitness,” added Kleinschmidtt.

In a community full of gyms, Anytime Fitness is unique. It offers state of the art equipment, loads of fun and exhilarating classes and a non-intimidating atmosphere. “We want to help people. Our motto here is ‘You can achieve what you believe,'” said Kleinschmidtt. “I am super proud of Marcus. He helps to motivate everyone around him.”

Miller is signed up to participate in a triathalon this July. According to Miller, “Losing weight is easy. It’s changing your mindset that’s hard. Once you do that, it all becomes easy.”

Anytime Fitness offers a “test drive” of sorts. Try Anytime Fitness for one week. New members receive an evaluation and are shown how to use the equipment properly.

For more information, please visit and search for the Riverview location or call ANY-TIME (269-8463).

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