Chris Pourciaux, 22, raps under the name “Martyr X” and has performed at churches in the Brandon and Tampa Bay area.

Broken Wings is the name of the new mix-tape recorded by Chris Pourciaux, a Christian rapper who goes by the name Martyr X. Born and raised in Brandon, Pourciaux began writing music in 2004. “But God reshaped my rap in 2009 and I’ve been pursuing it since,” said Pourciaux.
“Broken Wings is targeted towards the streets; people who don’t want to hear anything about God. I brought forth my testimony so others could relate and hear about new beginnings,” commented Pourciaux. 

The tape, featuring Pourciaux’s fiancée Gloria Camilo, is a story about how we  want to ‘fly’ to Heaven, but our wings are broken because of sin. In the metaphor, Christ is able to bring us new wings.

“The biggest struggle for me is I want to succeed, but I want my motives to be right. I don’t want this to be about myself,” said Pourciaux.

The couple travels to different churches in the greater Brandon area and even performs at secular open microphone cafes, Pourciaux rapping and Camilo singing. 

One of their songs, titled Mirror, is based from the passage in James about being doers of the Word. He didn’t realize the impact of the song until he met with a youth in the Faulkenberg jail, another place Pourciaux has ministering recently. 

The teenager was able to relate to the lyrics about how he didn’t like who he saw when he looked in the mirror and broke down in tears. 

Pourciaux  is creating a ministry related to their music, called Servant Ministries. This Christian-based business will link music groups and artists with venues to promote their music, create merchandise and marketing.

With help from God and the community, Pourciaux is hopeful.

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Martyr X will be releasing a new mix-tape soon titled Not About Me. To download the mix-tape Broken Wings for free, visit
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