On Monday, March 5, the ribbon was cut celebrating the dedication of the Brandon Legacy Project at Hillsborough Community College Brandon Campus. It took six months to create the heavy aluminum sculpture which graces the courtyard outside of the Student Services Building.

On Monday, March 5, a large scale sculpture created by sculptor and Plant City resident, Robert G. Woods, was dedicated at the Brandon campus of Hillsborough Community College (HCC). The Brandon Legacy Project came about as a result of money that each campus Student Government Association (SGA) had received from a large enrollment spike that the college had experienced for a two year period. College President, Dr. Ken Atwater had asked each campus to consider funding a legacy project.

The Brandon Legacy Project sculpture is made of heavy aluminum and is modeled after a DNA helix. It is also a working sundial. The shadow of the sculpture changes as the sum moves during the day. There is a light in the sculpture base which will shoot a beam of light into an orange glass piece at the top of the sculpture which projects into the night sky. Surrounding the area sit six tables. The tabletops were hand painted by artist Debra Bryant and represent various phases of the moon.

Dr. Carlos Soto, Brandon Campus President said, “I think it’s very cool. It has an educational function and will carry through the years.” Soto added, “I want to thank the SGA for taking on this project. It is a memorial to all those who came before us and to those who will come after us. I look forward to many years of sitting at the moonscape tables”

Professor James Wysong, Program Manager for Science and designer of the project said, “There is nothing like this anywhere else.” Wysong explained, “This is something that captures the theme of ‘Lifetime.’ The DNA molecule connects us all.”

Robert Woods specializes in large outdoor sculpture pieces. He spent six months creating the massive sculpture. Woods said, “It was a privilege to be a part of this project.” Debra Bryant said, “I thoroughly loved it. I have been looking at the moon through a telescope for many years. It was exciting for me to paint the phases of the moon.”

For more information on HCC, please visit www.hccfl.edu; on Robert Woods, please visit www.rgwoods.com; and on Debra Bryant, please visit www.debrabryant.blogspot.com.

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