Library services Stephen Duran hands Osprey Observer editor Marie Gilmore her first Library card at the Bloomingdale Library.

There is absolutely no reason why, after 15 years of living in Hillsborough County, I have never taken the four minutes out of my day to get a Library Card. The library, a free service paid by our tax dollars has a huge offering. First, books, magazines, newspapers, music even movies and complimentary computer stations. There is story time, gardening club, meeting spaces and resources such as voter’s registration available. Plus, having access to the staff at the library is an open door to any questions about Hillsborough County being answered.

I have attended events, covered stories and taken photos at libraries all around the county but finally, what spurred me to actually grab my driver’s license and stop in to fill out the extremely simple form which led to my instant receipt of my new shiny library card, was the fact that I can now borrow library books to read on my Kindle.

When I first received my Kindle last Christmas, the Kindle wasn’t yet supported by the library so I have been purchasing books or browsing the library of free literature available but now, the Hillsborough County Library System is offering books for Kindle.

“One of the best things,” describes library services Stephen Duran, working at the Bloomingdale Regional Library, “is that there are never any late fees because when it is time to return the book, it just disappears off of your reader.”

Once you have your card, go home and access the library system website, and search for e-reader books.

  • At any Hillsborough County Public Library, and on the Bookmobile or Cybermobile.
  • At your home or office to access the premium subscription databases at for FREE.
  • At any public library in Hillsborough County to access the Internet and other library computer services.
  • To use Internet computers, you must have a library card in good standing and have resolved delinquent fines/fees exceeding $10.00.

As of last October, there were more than 549,417 members of the public library system.

With just a few minutes of searching, voila, my first book was downloaded to my Kindle and available for 14 days at which time, it is returned. Up to 10 books or items are available to borrow at any time.

For more information, or for your very own library card, visit your local library and bring a Driver’s License. Parents can also get a card for children under 17 and can restrict access on the card. Visit for a full listing of titles available.

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