Bruce “Bam Bam” Miller preaches at Relentless Ministry that meets at the Transforming Life Church in Plant City.

Bruce “Bam Bam” Miller knows how to wake up an audience. Along with his long-time friend, Chad Lee, Miller began his journey into a new, high-energy ministry, appropriately named Relentless.

“It’s part of a movement that is taking place throughout the country,” said Miller. “I believe it’s the next great awakening,” said Miller. 

Located at the Transforming Life Church in Plant City, this new ministry reaches out to a generation of youth and young adults that wouldn’t normally attend a traditional church. “When the doors open, it has that club/concert kind of feel. We have a live rapper, Seckand Chaynce or Trevor Thomas and a live band,” said Miller. The service is filled with dramas, skits and videos. The average attendance has grown to more than 150. 

Miller’s personal testimony is filled with failures, faith and forgiveness. Popular in high school and captain of his football team, Miller attended church with his family. After graduation, he turned from his upbringing and faith. “It started out as just drinking on the weekends with my buddies,” said Miller.    

But, soon he was smoking pot and gained the reputation as “the guy who could drink the most and fight the most.”

At 20, Miller tried cocaine and was smoking pot and drinking daily, eventually dropping out of college. Eventually his girlfriend left him, he lost his job and got a DUI. At 23, his life was in shambles. “I began taking pills in order to numb the pain and shame I had in my own life.” 

Miller began to lie and steal to support his habits. For the next two years, Miller spiraled down into a darkness filled with more drugs including injecting pills into his arms and snorting crystal meth.

“I felt like a waste, empty inside. I just wanted to die,” said Miller. “I knew I needed God, but felt like I didn’t even deserve to be forgiven.” In September 2010, Miller was visited by close friend, Chad Lee. Lee shared about God’s forgiveness. 

“I knew I needed God.” With his parents by his side, Miller finally surrendered to God. “He delivered me from all my addictions. Many people don’t believe that I could quit without withdrawals or detox. But my God delivered me from all of it.”

Miller prays that God continues to use him to reach people who could find hope through his story.

Relentless worships on the second and fourth Saturday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at 3805 Turkey Creek Rd., in Plant City. For more information, call 245-0569 or email

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