Mary Cruickshanks, a Hawthorne Village resident, was recently awarded the Outstanding Centenarian Award. Cruickshanks will turn 100 on May 27.

2012 is quite a big year for Mary Cruickshanks, a resident of Hawthorne Village of Brandon since 2000, as she won the Salt and Pepper ‘Outstanding Centenarian Award’ in February and will celebrate her 100th birthday on Sunday, May 27.
Cruickshanks, a stroke victim with full use in only one arm and leg, is an inspiration not just to her fellow Hawthorne Village residents, but also to the staff. “Mary is very sharp and we are constantly working to keep her busy,” said Stella Ryan, acitivity director at Hawthorne Village. “She likes to go shopping; she stays involved in arts and crafts and is constantly working on projects and paintings.”

It was Ryan who nominated Cruickshanks for an award at the West Central Area Agency on Aging’s Annual ‘Young At Heart’ Luncheon, originally in their Health and Wellness category; however, this year the agency added the Centenarian Award category. The board agreed that although the award would be a few months premature, Cruickshanks was the perfect recipient for the Outstanding Centenarian Award.

The award ceremony, held this past Valentine’s Day, was kept a secret from Cruickshanks, who believed she was attending a marketing seminar. It was not until she walked into the room and saw her name up on the board that she realized that the meeting was really a celebration in her honor.

“They really went all out for her for the ceremony, her name and picture were was on the program, she received two dozen roses, a beautiful bear and a huge box of candy,” said Ryan. “She was very surprised and honored by it.”
Cruickshanks will officially turn 100 years-old on May 27.  Ryan said, “One of the great things about Mary is that she has lived a long life, but she is still living.”

Hawthorne Village of Brandon is located at 859 W. Lumsden Rd. in Brandon. For more information about Hawthorne Village, visit or call 661-8998.

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