Lorie Asher learned to take fabulous photographs such as this beautiful flower and stunning seahorses at The Frog Pond Center For the Arts, a Hillsborough County 4-H Program located in Gibsonton.

Do you have the next Annie Leibovitz or Dorothea Lange living under your roof? If she is between the ages of 14-18, then check out The Frog Pond Center For the Arts, a Hillsborough County 4-H Program located at 10610 East Bay Rd. in Gibsonton.

The Frog Pond Center For the Arts is an art school which services the needs of young artists. On Saturdays, the students are taught 4-H Photography along with mixed medium and alternative processing of photography.

Laura Linton, a teacher/volunteer, has been working with children in 4-H for eight years. “I began with the pilot program Wings (butterfly program), and then I moved on to photography, and that is where we truly became something great. We have been doing photography for five years,” explained Linton. “If you have an artist in your family that has the time, commitment and desire to further her knowledge and skill in photography, come and see what great things our girls have done,” added Linton.

The Frog Pond Art Center offers three class levels from beginner to independent study. Each class lasts five to six months and meet every other Saturday from 10 a.m.-12 Noon. Field trips are scheduled

Lorie Ashcr, a student at The Frog Pond Center for the Arts, said, “I took classes on photography because photography is the way I enjoy expressing myself. It captures the things that I find important in life and allows me to share what I love with others.”

Students’ work is entered into a variety of competitions and exhibitions including Center Place’s High School Art Show and at the SouthShore Regional Library in Ruskin. Of course their work is entered into the annual 4-H Competition.

Classes are kept small at about six students. Interviews will be held in early August. Linton said, “The students who begin with me usually stay for a total of three to five years. It is my hope that they will come back and help teach to keep their skills honed and earned community service hours.”

If you would like more information, please contact Linton at lluzzolono@verizon.net or call 646-6416.

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