Rev. Bill Cruz and his wife, Theresa, of the Good Samaritan Mission, have been serving the Wimauma community for the past 28 years. Every Tuesday, nearly 300 families collect food and free clothes from the mission.

The economy has taken its toll on businesses and society, but it also has taken its toll on religion as well. Since 2008, thousands of churches have closed their doors because they could not afford to keep serving their communities. 

Reverend Bill Cruz, of the Good Samaritan Mission in Wimauma, believes that God will continue to provide his mission with the funds they need to serve their community.

“We have always depended exclusively on God’s provision through his people and he has been faithful in providing for all of our needs,” Cruz said. “We truly walk by faith and not by sight.” God has not them down for the past 28 years.
The mission was started by his parents, William and Dora Cruz, in 1984. The goal of the mission is to help people succeed by helping them find a purpose, plug into their community and live a life filled with gratitude. Since the economy took a turn a few years ago, the numbers of donations the mission receives has been reduced significantly, but they still have been able to meet the needs of people who come to them for help.

“In spite of the difficulties that we have faced, we continue to serve the community without laying anybody off or cutting programs,” Cruz said.

The mission’s bills average $43,500 a month. They have managed to make payroll and stay current on all their bills. Donations arrive daily allowing the mission to pay for its expenses. Every Tuesday, nearly 300 families collect food and free clothes from the mission. When food is running low in the pantry, someone will make a food donation that gets them through the month. Cruz said they are doing the role God created for them which is to give.

“We love to see people’s physical, emotional and psychological needs met and so we give,” Cruz said.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered at the Good Samaritan Mission, call  634-7136. If you would like to make a donation, you can visit them  at The mission is located at 14920 Balm Wimauma Rd.

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