Jill Scott is passionate about art and felt a moral responsibility to re-open the iconic Hoffman Porges Gallery in Ybor City. The gallery located at 1907 7th Ave. is the longest-standing gallery in Tampa.

Ybor City has been undergoing an arts renaissance of sorts for the last few years. The Hoffman Porges Gallery is one of the establishments that has been spurring on this renaissance. The iconic gallery has been in Ybor City for more than 20 years.
It was closed for two years before Apollo Beach residents, Jill and Dave Scott reopened it.

The 6,000-sq.-ft. gallery is located at 1907 E. 7th Ave. The Hoffman Porges Gallery is simply a lovely space filled with eclectic items where anyone can find a piece of artwork to suit their taste. Prices are quite reasonable, and it is just plain fun to visit.

Jill Scott said, “The gallery is the hub for the art scene here in Ybor City. We represent many local artist including Jason Shiver, Grace McKee and Susan O’Hara. We have a great collection of vintage art and jewelry.”

The gallery is a passion for Scott who grew weary of the corporate world and decided to re-open the gallery which is the longest standing galleries in Tampa. Scott added, “Re-opening the gallery was a moral responsibility for me. I wanted to re-open it to give Ybor City back its ‘art heart.'”

In addition to offering a fabulous collection of art, Scott is a skilled framer who offers custom framing at a fraction of what many others in the area charge. “I love working with wood. For me, that’s my art, the framing,” said Scott. “I can spot one of my framed pieces right away,” added Scott who told a story of going to a friend’s house and spotted some of her own work.

For more information, please visit www.hpartgallery.com or call 247-2000.

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