Ambassador’s camps, which feature both go-cart and quarter-midget racing vehicles, run in week-long segments from June 18-August 10.

On Monday, June 18, Ambassador Racing School of Wimauma will open its doors to kids ages 5-17 for its second annual summer racing camp.

The school, which provides private lessons throughout the year, will hold week-long camp sessions from its June start date until August 10. During each week, campers will learn everything from driving and racing skills to track signals, technical aptitude, marketing and even public speaking skills.

“There is a lot of business and mechanical information that goes along with driving,” said Debbie Garcia, co-owner of the school. “We throw all of the theory at them and then prove it.”

One of the camp’s main components, according to Garcia, is to teach campers about all of the different aspects that go into every race they might see on television. Students will spend time learning the mechanics of their vehicles and understanding how that technical expertise impacts the actual race.

“We want them to know how technical it is in the modern day aspect,” said Garcia. “They’ll go out on the track and be able to feel how these car changes can affect their performance.”

“Some of the campers find more enjoyment from the mechanical parts of the camp,” said Ray Garcia, who also runs the track. “Some find they prefer taking apart a motor to racing,” he said.

All of the camp’s students will have the chance to find out.

While campers will drive their cars every day, significant portions of each period will be dedicated to theory, shop experience and simulations. Each Friday, the session’s final day, students will have the opportunity to put everything they’ve learned to the test in a Race Day, competing against their fellow campers in front of friends and family for a top prize.

“We like to place the emphasis on fun, but they learn a lot through the process and don’t realize they’re learning it,” said Debbie.

So far, their teaching method has met with great success, as many of their kids have moved on in the racing circuit. Among others, Patty Rodenbeck has gone on to race in NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series.

Camp days will run from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. with pickup and drop off available an hour before and after start time. For more information or to sign up, contact Debbie and Ray Garcia at 634-1076.

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