Brandon Regional Hospital, in conjunction with the Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center (BSAC), has begun offering Prenatal Water Aerobic classes free to the public.

These classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-9.45 a.m. at BSAC.

Brandon Regional Hospital’s Public Relations Director Patty Montgomery credits Physician Relations Director Jill Lansky with getting the program at BSAC. “She was key in getting us involved at BSAC,” she said.

Lansky explained her reasoning behind wanting to offer the class, “We have expanded and renovated our Women’s Center. It was completed in August of last year. In addition to traditional classes such as childbirth and breastfeeding, we wanted to be able to provide classes that were complementary, such as Fit For Baby and Prenatal Water Aerobics.”

“We also knew how good water is for pregnant moms,” Montgomery and Lansky said. “It allows them to move in ways that they simply can’t on land. It provides greater balance and resistance.”

In addition to the prenatal water aerobics class offered by Brandon Regional, there are also prepared childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, newborn care classes and gestational diabetes classes. All of these classes are offered free of charge. In fact, according to Montgomery, most of the classes offered at BRH are free. “We offer them as part of the hospital’s commitment to the community by keeping moms healthy and knowledgeable.”

In addition to these classes is a Fit For Baby class, which is an “on-land” fitness class utilizing aerobics, stretching and yoga. BRH has been offering Fit For Baby for a while with great success.  Fit For Baby has been so successful, in fact, it is what spurred the thought of another component to the class. Thus, the partnership between the hospital and BSAC was born, pun intended.

The prenatal water aerobics classes will be offered year-round in a heated, outdoor pool equipped with a pool ramp for added convenience entering and exiting the pool for expectant mothers.

“We’re looking forward to a long term partnership with BSAC, as more of our moms take advantage of this new fitness class, which can help make labor and delivery more efficient,” Lansky said.

Classes are offered by Registered Nurse Shellie Bergo, a former neonatal ICU nurse and certified water aerobics instructor.

BSAC is located at 405 Beverly Blvd. in Brandon. Visit

To register for the Prenatal Water Aerobics class, please call BSAC’s Aquatics Director Theresa Hickie at 689-0908.

For more information or to register for other prenatal classes, visit

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