By Kelly Legg

Musician James Pergolatti recently heard God calling him to reach beyond his comfort zone and share his love of Christian rock music in a big way. Pergolatti feels that music is a path to connect people with the love of Christ.

One of Pergolatti’s neighbors recently contacted him, telling him that his church was interested in hosting a Christian music festival.

He showed Pergolatti the church and its 1,000 seat auditorium where the festival will be held. Pergolatti felt like this “coincidence” was proof that he should arrange the festival he had in mind. And now he had a perfect location.

The founder of Christian rock group named 20 Shades, Pergolatti teamed with several other local bands that will be performing at the first Pillar of Fire Music Festival being held on Saturday, October 2,7 at 4p.m.

“There’s far too much darkness in this world – confusion, hopelessness and evil,” said Pergolatti. “We believe God’s called us to shine some light – go back to the foundations of this country. Instead of seeking our own answers, we should be turning back to God to find the answers we need.”

Four local Christian rock bands will be performing with inspiring songs of hope, set to the power and intensity of hard rock music. These bands are Three Fold Chord, Proxy, Thrown Alive and 20 Shades.

Jessica Watson, bass player for 20 Shades, is excited about the opportunity to reach people.

“The main goal of 20 Shades and this festival is putting the love of God back into our daily routine,” said Watson. “The world is full of confused, lost souls looking for an answer. So I was excited to be a part of the band and help bring a little light into this dark world.”

The concert will be held on Saturday, October 27, from 4-10 p.m. at East Chelsea Baptist Church, located at 7225 East Chelsea St. in Tampa. The tickets are $5 at the door and there will also be vendors selling food.


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