By Libby Hopkins

Attending college can be a challenge for anyone, but what if you are married with two children and the college you are attending is an Ivy League university in another state?

This is the challenge Anthony and Shaneka Langhorne are facing. The Langhornes were accepted to Columbia University in New York City and started classes this past August. They were deacons at the New Covenant Family Center Baptist Church in Seffner were they received the love and support they needed to make the journey to Columbia.

“They have been there to balance the whole spectrum for us as well as inspire and encourage us,” Anthony Langhorne said.

Anthony attended HCC and was making top grades while Shaneka was doing the same at SPCC in St. Pete. They both were making plans to attend USF when they notice a letter mixed in their regular mail; it was an invitation for Anthony to attend a recruiting event for Columbia University.

They both decided to attend the event that changed their lives forever when they were both accepted to the university. They are excited about the new journey God has sent them on.

“Our main goal is to have a balance in our lives,” Shaneka said.

Anthony is earning a Bachelor and then a Masters degree in Architecture. Shaneka will study Environmental Biology and Political Science. She hopes to work as an environmental lawyer. The couple is planning on moving their two daughters to New York after they complete their first year at Columbia.

For now, the couple is focusing on their studies and finding a place of worship where they feel comfortable. They are also trying to save money to help pay for Anthony’s student loans. Shaneka received a scholarship to cover her tuition.

They both know they will be successful as long as they stay focused and have faith in the Lord.

“In all that we do, we make sure we are growing, learning and changing,” Anthony said.

If you would like to help the Langhornes or read more about their journey, you can visit their Website at


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Libby Hopkins has been a part of the Brandon community for more than 30 years. She is a graduate of USF with a degree in journalism. She has been a freelance writer for The Osprey Observer Newspaper since 2008. She also the Executive Director of Center Place Fine Arts and Civic Association. She is a dog mom to her rescue dog, Marshall. She loves being a part of the Brandon Community and she loves sharing positive news about our community.