By Kathy L Collins

The owners and publishers of Born To Ride, Debbie and Ron Galletti, threw a party to celebrate the 100th edition of the magazine on Sunday, September 30 at The Rack Restaurant in Brandon. Over 500 people turned out for the party.

This was not just a party to celebrate the magazine, but an opportunity to give back to the community. A portion of the proceeds, just over $1,500, was donated to the Sylvia Thomas Center For Adoptive and Foster Families and The Brethren of St. Francis Animal Rescue, by the owners of The Rack Restaurant.

Born To Ride is a magazine dedicated to highlighting the biker lifestyle in the proper manner. According to Ron Galletti, “Bikers are misjudged. I want people to know that bikers are caring people. I am proud to have brought up my two children in the biker lifestyle. They are learning to give back and help others.” Galletti is committed to giving back to the community.

The Sylvia Thomas Center For Adoptive and Foster Families puts the forever in forever families by providing adoptive and foster children and families all the necessary tools and support to enable them to bond and thrive.

The Brethren of St. Francis Animal Rescue advocates for an animal’s right to safe and caring living conditions. They build a network of foster families and they find forever homes for animals.

Ron Galletti said, “These two organizations were chosen because we hold children and animals near to our hearts.”  This party and the giving back to the community is not a facade for Galletti. He truly believes in this. Walking around with him at the party, you can see his passion and compassion for friends and people he does not know. He is a beloved individual in this crowd.

Both Ron and Debbie Galletti grew up here. They are graduates of Brandon High School. Debbie said, “We are glad to celebrate the 100th edition here in Brandon. We are also happy to bring awareness to two fine organizations.”

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