By Andria Barrios

Murder mysteries are perhaps the most intriguing type of book to read; but even more so when the author takes inspiration from an actual murder that happened to her best friend.

Nearly 20 years ago, while living in California, author Robin Watt began writing the story of her friend’s passing as an exercise in anger management. AIt was a very emotional experience,” said Watt, of Apollo Beach. “There were times I would sob with every sentence I wrote. For awhile, I felt that writing out my revenge was the only way to keep me from doing it.”

The book, entitled Moon of the Hawk, chronicles the friendship between two young working women. When one of them is deceived and brutally murdered by her own husband, survivor Ruby Harrison seeks justice to compensate for the tragic death. While it is a fiction book, “there are many true instances, such as statements the widowed husband actually said to me,” said Watt.

Moon of the Hawk is an emotional race through friendship, murder and revenge.

“I wrote most of the story while living and working in California, but finished it after moving to Apollo Beach,” said Watt. “Even after completing it, I wasn’t sure if I could actually publish it, as it seemed incredibly personal.”

Watt is presently married to a retired Tampa police officer, with whom she is enjoying retirement. She is not entirely relaxed though; she’s currently working on a series of short stories which she plans to publish this fall. She is also working on both a prequel and sequel to Moon of the Hawk, and hopes to finish the prequel next spring.

Moon of the Hawk is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, the iBookstore, and most Websites where you can purchase and download e-books.  Information can also be found on and the first chapter can also be read on

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