By Kathy L. Collins

Dominick Galati, President of the South Shore Music Makers, is assembling musicians and singers for two major ensembles to perform in the SouthShore area.

First, Galati is seeking jazz musicians to form “Main Stream Jazz,” a 16 to 18 piece professional jazz ensemble that will perform music from jazz legends such as Ellington, Basie, Cole Porter, Herman, Dorsey, Thelonious Monk and more. Galati said, “I am assembling a great group of musicians and they will knock your socks off.”

Galati, who is a professional Big Band musician and a jazz musician added, “This group will perform at a variety of occasions including concerts, dances, banquets and shows.”¬† Galati even foresees that the group can be broken down into smaller groups to accommodate a number of different events. Galati added, “I am assembling a very versatile group of professional musicians from several surrounding Tampa Bay counties.”¬† Musically, Galati has two mottos by which he lives: “Keep music in your heart always” and “We play music the way you like it.”

The second group that Galati is assembling is for a new opera company in the SouthShore area. The opera company, which will likely be called “The Florida Sun Shine Opera Co.,” will be led by Maestro Robert Gutter, a conductor who has recently moved to the area. Galati said, “Maestro Gutter has over 30 years in the teaching of conductors and in conducting operas.”

According to Galati, the new opera company will have solo opera singers as well as a full operatic orchestra and chorus. Galati added, “We have some of the main pieces in place, and we are looking for many more musical people to help form this new musical company.”

If you are a soloist/performer, have experience singing with a chorus or are an orchestral¬† musician, and you would like to audition, then Galati would like to hear from you. Galati added, “Anyone that loves music and would like to volunteer their time to be a part of the is now forming great musical organization, please contact us.

To get more information on the now forming “Main Stream Jazz” of the new opera company, please contact Galati at


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