By Tamas Mondovics

Stamp and coin collectors locally and statewide are gearing up for the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) show scheduled to be held next month at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Considered by many, including local stamp and coin dealer Del Corbin, as the year’s most important event in the business, the 58th Annual FUN Convention scheduled for January 10-13, is said to bring together hundreds of dealers and thousands of dollars worth of collectables.

“People come from all over the world,” said Corbin, owner of Corbin’s Stamp and Coin located at 209 N. Kings Ave., in Brandon. “It’s one of the biggest shows in the country with more than 1,500 dealers featuring thousands of collectors and those who just want to sell their collectable coins or stamps.

Corbin emphasized that such events are vital for all dealers as it puts things in perspective and serves as a barometer of what to expect from the business during the upcoming season.

The store, which has been supplying fellow collectors, buyers and sellers with an outlet to satisfy their interest, has been at its current location since 2006 and thanks to Corbin’s love of coins and stamps, is promising to stay for as long as possible.

A former Florida Southern University English professor and high school music teacher, he has been collecting stamps and coins for decades. Corbin boasts of a wealth of knowledge of his hobby, now turned business, including the history behind an old and unexciting looking coin with a whole punched in its center.

“Today, it’s just a tradition, but the theory is that people put holes in the coins and then ran a string through them so that they wouldn’t be lost,” Corbin explained as he hoped to stir the interest of one of his recent visitors to the store.

Although business traffic fluctuates as it keeps pace with the current economy, since its opening, the shop has been successful and is promising to continue to turn a profit, while allowing area residents to buy or sell their coins or stamps.

“The shop is not to be confused with a flea market,” Corbin said. “There is a lot of money involved with the business and some of the pieces are simply irreplaceable.”

Those interested in coins and stamps or who have some old coins they would like to get rid of at a good price, are welcome at Corbin’s, or encouraged to call 651-3266.



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