By Alissa Bridges

Title Boxing, a boxing and kickboxing gym that opened in October, offers a variety of great benefits for overall wellness that are perfect to help you keep up with health-related New Year’s resolutions.

“What makes Title Boxing unique to the Brandon area is that we offer both boxing and kickboxing classes,” said owner Amy Ray. “The benefits from our classes includes burning calories, reduce stress, boosts confidence levels, energy boosts and improved coordination.”

Title Boxing offers hour-long classes that will fit into everyone’s busy schedule. The Power Hour class will help clients with a high intensity, total body fitness that will help burn fat, lose weight and burn up to 1,000 calories per class. The kickboxing classes include over-the-top cardio routines that utilize a combination of punching, kicking and heavy bag action. There are more than 100 boxing and kickboxing classes to choose from with nine different trainers that each add their own flair to the classes.

The workout consists of a 15-minute warm up, 30 minutes on the bag—with three minutes on the bag and one minute of active rest—and a 15-minute cool down. “For those who are new to kickboxing boxing or just curious about it and want to try, our first class is free,” said Ray.

Not only is the first class free, from now and through the end of January, Title Boxing is running a promotion;  anyone who signs up for a membership will get a pair of Title Boxing gloves for free. “We offer an individual or a family membership which includes mom, dad and three kids above the age of 10 which allows for monthly unlimited access to the gym,” said Ray. “Members also have the chance to come in and use our cardio machines and weights, as well as sign up for 30- minute personal training sessions in our boxing ring.”

Title Boxing is located at 889 E. Bloomingdale Ave. near Cherry’s in Bloomingdale Square. For more information on memberships or class times, visit or call 324-8867.


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