By Derek Maul

Local IT specialist Daniel Coleman knows the value of networking first hand.

“It’s a proven model that works,” Coleman said. “I’ve grown and am sustaining my business because of it.”

Consequently, and because he understands that a healthy small-business climate is good for every business in the economy, Coleman puts out a free weekly newsletter, “Weekly Networking Meetings,” that helps connect people – including his competitors – with a wide range of networking opportunities.

“I put out the newsletter because I want to help both the community and local businesses get introduced to each other,” Coleman said.

“The criteria for inclusion in the newsletter,” he said, “are that the networking groups have to be free, and not seat specific.”

“Seat specific” means only one representative per industry; Coleman will only promote networking that’s open and competitive.

Coleman launched his own business, REEL-IT, after more than 20-years building and troubleshooting corporate IT solutions. He thrives in the networking environment and is a cheerleader for developing mutually beneficial business relationships.

“In small business it behooves us to team with other people,” he said. “It’s all about engaging and assisting one another.”

Coleman’s niche is to bring the personal touch to his work. He unabashedly loves people, and honestly enjoys problem solving.

REEL-IT specializes in supporting small through medium-sized businesses, and in matching software solutions to the particular vision and opportunity that makes any given company unique.

Originally an Air Force brat, Coleman was born in Tampa and moved often before his family settled in Brandon in time for him to attend Mann Middle School and then graduate Brandon High in 1975.

Coleman first worked as an electrician at Tampa’s GTE/Verizon building. It was a position that morphed into data center maintenance, design and operation, and eventually server and network support with GTE/Verizon and – most recently – Peak 10 Data Centers.

Today, running REEL-IT has brought all Coleman’s skills together while offering freedom and creative time to keep up with an ever-evolving industry.

Like his skill set, Coleman’s networking newsletter is fluid and current.

“I have around 350 addresses on the mailing list,” he said. “I stay in touch with the leaders of the groups, list the group name, the location, the leader’s name, contact information and what’s available for each day of the week.”

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