By  Kathy L. Collins

Mark Kulaga is an artist who takes found objects and turns them into works of art. His artwork is influenced by friends, family and the environment around him. Kulaga is not a native to Florida and moved here to be near family. Despite personal heartache and tragedy, he continued with his love of art and photography and created images that he loved.

Kulaga has now published his first book, “Of Heart and Wings.”  The art depicted in the book is part of a journey he took with his father while his father was a patient at Bay Pines VA Hospital.

According to Kulaga, “The book is a culmination of various pieces created from objects found.” Kulaga explained that he takes found objects and changes them into something meaningful. “One day I was sitting outside on break and saw a beautiful piece of wood lying in the water at my feet. I took the image and began manipulating it. It was my first set of wings.”

Kulaga says that his philosophy and approach to art is to create something from nothing. “‘The Art of Creation’ is the opposite of mimicry. I am creating art from nothing using things that are overlooked or ignored by most. It can take any form, but in may case, it has been hearts and wings,” explained Kulaga.

In other words, “The art is an organic manipulation of form to bring new life to objects one might consider not worthy subject matter,” said Kulaga. “I see perfection in the imperfect,” explained Kulaga.

The book is available as an eBook on iTunes in the U.S. In March, the book will be released worldwide. Kulaga said, “The book is a representation of my art and a brief synopsis on what it is. It is affordable for anyone to obtain.”

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