By Tamas Mondovics

In its ongoing effort to make improvements to the water distribution system infrastructure in the Brandon and surrounding communities, the Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department held a public meeting at the Brandon Recreation Center at 502 E. Sadie St. to discuss a project earlier this month.

The meeting specifically focused on improving water quality and fire protection for residents in the area of Clemons Rd., Parsons Ave. and Taylor Rd. in the Brandon area.

According to Cindy Hutchens with the County’s Public Utilities Department, the $272,000 project, which originally was to begin this month, is scheduled for June and should last 60 days. It will construct 1,275 ft. of 6-inch water pipeline on Clemons, between Parsons and Taylor, replacing two smaller existing water pipelines.

The project includes the installation of three additional fire hydrants.

“This is a two-fold project, which will not only make the water quality more consistent, but will increase fire protection as well,” Hutchens said. The project should be fully constructed and the area restored by October of this year.

Hutchens said that residents will be impacted by occasional closures of sections of the eastbound lane of Clemons Rd., along with some occasional water shutdowns during connections of the new pipe to the existing pipes on Parsons Ave. and Taylor Rd., as well as when existing water services are switched over from the existing lines to the new line.

“Residents will be notified of the shutdowns 48 hours in advance,” she said.

The construction will be done by Sunrise Utility Construction, the Public Utilities’ Pipeline Work Order Construction Services contractor.

The work is part of the Countywide Potable Water Main/Distribution Lines Renewal and Replacement Project. The renewal and replacement program is funded through the Water Enterprise’s Capital Improvement Program.

“Water in these lines can stagnate, causing poor odor and taste,” Van Dyke said. “Utility crews must regularly flush the dead-end lines, at the cost of using large amounts of water and labor.”

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