By Sandy Meyer

Hair loss can be an extremely emotional experience. In fact, many cancer patients have admitted that losing their hair was one of the most difficult aspects of their disease. And for those who suffer with genetically thin hair, the despondency related with the loss is just as significant. But there are solutions and Lori Younkman, owner of Custom Hair of Tampa, is here to help.

Custom Hair of Tampa, in business since 1969 in the Tampa area, has a variety of non-surgical options for anyone who wants a full head of hair. Many people think that hair loss means wearing a wig and while that is an option that Custom Hair offers, it is not the only choice.

“Everyone’s hair loss, specifically women, is different. We actually make a template of somebody’s head for a permanent hair piece,” Younkman shares. Permanent hair pieces are the most popular alternative to full wigs. These pieces are fitted to the customer’s specifications. The color is matched to existing hair and then bonded on top with an adhesive. The pieces can be virtually any color and can have highlights, be curly or straight.

Younkman says the best part of the permanent hair pieces is the instant gratification. There is no wondering if a procedure is going to work. “You’re going to leave with hair,” she says. Once a hair piece is bonded, the customer comes back monthly to have the adhesive rebonded and their own hair cut to match the style of the hair piece.

The average annual cost to purchase and maintain one of the permanent hair pieces is $3,500, but Younkman says many of her clients admit that they had spent close to that in hair salons previous to getting their new full head of natural looking hair.

The shop caters to anyone – male, female, young or old – suffering from hair loss and offers a private back entrance and private consultation rooms. The store is located at 117 N. Kings Ave. in Brandon with additional shops in Tampa and Clearwater. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Visit or call 651-9484.


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