By Kathy L. Collins

D.J. and Susan Halligan are the successful business owners of three Smoothie King franchises including the Smoothie King located at 2020 W. Brandon Blvd. in the Brandon Lakes Plaza (near Outback). The Halligans have owned Smoothie Kings in Wesley Chapel and in the Countryside area of Clearwater. The Wesley Chapel Smoothie King was ranked the number one store out of 600 Smoothie Kings across the U.S.

The Smoothie King owned by the Halligans will soon hold the distinction of being the first store in the state of Florida to have a GMO Free Zone. GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms.” Being GMO Free means that when you read the label, you will know exactly what the ingredients are in the product.

D.J. Halligan said, “If you get something here, you know what you are getting.” Halligan added, “Our natural sport supplement will be the first to be labeled GMO Free and will be easily identified. This is important because a lot of children are in to sports drink supplements. If you tested some of the products on the market, you would get a positive or false positive reading for performance enhancing drugs.”

And if that is not enough, the Halligans are also committed to giving back to the community with their three Smoothie King Fundraising Units. The units can be set up at a variety of events such as large sporting events, especially youth sporting events. The Halligans will donate a portion of the profits to a non-profit group. Locally, this has included the Bloomingdale High School Chorus and the BMX in Riverview.

D.J. Halligan said, “My father instilled in me the notion that you must always take care of those who took care of you. This is my personal motto, and I live by it each day.”

D.J. Halligan is a former fireman, veteran of Desert Storm and competed in body building. “I have a passion for working out and I know what works, feels good and tastes good,” Halligan explained.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of the Smoothie King Mobile Fundraising Unit coming to your next big event, please contact D.J. Halligan at or call 654-5222.


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