By Tatiana Ortiz

Smile. Pose. These are just some of the ideal actions that one will do while being photographed. Local resident and young entrepreneur, Jared Sowa, is very familiar with these terms because he has established his own photography business called Jared Sowa Photography.  Twenty-year-old Sowa graduated from Brandon High School and attended Hillsborough Community College. He chose the photography business because it is something he enjoys. Although he has been getting paid for his photos for about three years, he still does free work from time to time. He said, “It feels great when clients contact me as a professional, knowing that I will provide them with the same services as an older photographer.”

On a side note, Sowa began taking photos in the 10th grade of high school. He basically learned everything about photography through watching videos on YouTube, since his school did not offer photography classes.  He also attended college, which is where he took his first photography class. Knowing that he had some talent with a camera gave him his inspiration.

With that in mind, he was granted the opportunity to meet with a humble band called The Ghost Inside and Sowa did a photo shoot for it, which ended up being used on the Vans Warped Tour website and this was one of his favorite shoots. He has also worked with bands across the United States and as far as Australia. He appreciates the fact that everyone who likes a band he does a photo shoot for will be able to see his name. Besides taking photos of band promos, he also does anything from boxing events to live music and modeling.

All in all, this experienced, diligent photographer is doing what he can to gain exposure and build up cliental. In order to remain successful in a competitive business Sowa said, “I will keep my prices low, keep my word to my clients and continue to promote my business through social media, word of mouth, and passing out my business cards to local shows and events.”  Lastly, Sowa left some words of advice for other young photographers who are new to the photography business. “The more you shoot and get your name out there, the more business you will get. “

Anyone interested in booking a shoot  can contact Jared Sowa through his link at


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Kelly Wise Valdes
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