By Kathy L. Collins

Sheila Haas is a talented watercolor artist. Her artwork reflects a meticulous and detail-oriented artist who takes pride in her artwork. Haas, a resident of Plant City, won Best in Show at the 2013 Florida Strawberry Festival Fine Arts Show for her watercolor titled “Reflections.”

This piece of fine art is a fantastic watercolor of a classic car. Haas calls it “Reflections” because the bumper has reflections of people on it. This painting took Haas three to four months to complete. Haas said, “I paint what I like.  I like to pick challenging subjects.” Haas is currently working on a piece which shows the inside dash and steering wheel of a classic Chrysler. Haas added, “I like the details of cars. I like close up because I can put in details that most people don’t even see.”

Haas said of her win at the Florida Strawberry Festival Fine Arts Show, “I was shocked. I was just hoping to place especially with so many talented artists entering the show. I certainly did not expect to win Best in Show.” Haas added, “I paint for fun. I enjoy doing it and enjoy knowing that others enjoy my work.” According to Haas she was encouraged by friends to enter the show. “I did not even know that there was prize money available! I was shocked to learn that I had won $300,” said Haas.

Haas is one of the newest members of the Eastern Hillsborough Art Guild (EHAG). “I joined EHAG because I want to have support from a group to get my work into the community.” Haas added, “Everyone with EHAG is so nice and supportive.”

The public will soon be able to view Haas’ work on the EHAG site at  If you would like to contact Haas about her work, please email her at


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