By Sandy Meyer

Lighthouse Center for Creative Learning has been serving the Brandon/Valrico/FishHawk area for more than 10 years. This summer they are introducing three varieties of summer camp to help students from age 5 – 14 cope with learning disabilities.  Founder Butch Bedwell is excited about the offerings they have and the opportunities it opens for students. “We feel like we have a very innovative summer program for children with mild to moderate learning disabilities,” he shares.

The first variety of camp is more of a traditional camp setting. The hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. with optional after care until 6 p.m.  Bedwell stresses that this is not a typical summer camp with field trips and water parks, but a learning based camp with activities that boost brain activity. “We know that learning loss over the summer is real. The average child with a learning disability will lose two months of academic gain over the summer,” Butch advises. The camp will run eight weeks with a three-week break in between so families can still plan summer vacations and outings.

The second camp is where parents can schedule three hourly visits per week for Interactive Metronome (IM) training with their child. IM is a program that is computer-based and can help children with brain timing.  Brain timing is linked to things like rhythm, coordination and focus.  IM helps train children to slow down or speed up their brain rhythm to function more successfully in ordinary situations. Bedwell points out that it is also great for children who are dancers, musicians or sports players because it helps improve reaction time which is necessary in these areas. “This is the first real therapy we’ve ever worked with that gives parents a snapshot of their child’s brain,” he says. Suggested attendance for this option is three times per week for five weeks.  It is a rolling enrollment so that parents can begin when it is convenient for them.

The last option is for parents to purchase the IM equipment, be trained on its use and perform it at home. This is a great option for parents who live a greater distance from the school or have other siblings at home.

Information can be found on their website at and parent testimonials can be found on their Facebook page.  Call 655-6505 for more information on these great summer options or schedule a free tour of the facility.  Lighthouse Center for Creative Learning is located at 516 Corner Dr. in Brandon.


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