By Andria Barrios

An insightful take on the most popular book in history has just been released. Richard Mull, a Seffner resident, has spent the last four years studying and highlighting all the ways God speaks to us through His Word. As a result, the God Speaks study Bible was published.

“It highlights every person God speaks to, all the ways God speaks, the words Jesus said, the messages God sent through angels, dreams and visions, every passage that talks about God speaking and every miracle or act of God,” Mull explains.

Mull used purple for when God speaks in first person, blue for when angels speak on God’s behalf through a vision or a dream, green for when a passage talks about God speaking, brown for when man speaks on God’s behalf in third person, red for when Jesus speaks, and gold for every miracle or act of God in scripture.

The idea for this specially outlined and detailed outlook on the Bible came when Mull was writing a book on how to hear God’s voice.

“”I had no idea how much of the Bible God speaks in first person. I began to colorize it for my benefit, but knew many people would want the finished product.”

Mull is hoping many will continue to benefit from this study Bible.  Also serving as the current president of Operation Light Force Institute, a local Christian organization, Mull continues to work on other inspirational books. His next project, called My Father Sings Over Me, tells of his son’s near death encounter and God’s healing power.

The hardback version of the God Speaks  can be purchased for $49, imitation leather for $59 and genuine leather for $94 on the Website. To find out more about the God Speaks, visit or

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