By Libby Hopkins

Kingdom Christian Ministries of Lithia (KCM) is a new church that has joined the Brandon community. At KCM, the central focus of its teaching is on the finished work of Christ.

“We believe that God’s value for and love of humanity moved him to redeem us and restore us back to him,” Pastor Shad Fitzpatrick said.

He feels that the community will know KCM are Christ’s disciples by the way they care for one another. “Our goal is to foster an atmosphere where people can truly love and be loved,” Fitzpatrick said, “It’s not about getting one crowd out so the next can come in. We want people to know one another and truly be the church Jesus has in mind.”

He feels KCM is not a well-oiled machine but it is a place of grace, love and Kingdom. What makes KCM different from other churches is not only its message but the philosophical approach.

“Most churches determine success by how many people are in attendance on Sunday morning,” Fitzpatrick said, “Our goal is to know and love one another and give every opportunity for that to be accomplished.”

In order to help people have true relationships they have home groups where people get to know each other and ask questions and open up about struggles and concerns.

“Our home groups are not a way to increase Sunday attendance; they are our opportunity to build Disciples of Christ,” Fitzpatrick said, “We are affirmed by God and have no desire to gain any benefit to those we minister to, we desire to be a blessing without any hidden agenda or motivation.”

KCM hopes to foster a culture of believers who love one another and consider one another more important than themselves and to be a church that embodies the message of Paul in Philippians 2:1-4.

“We want to reveal the goodness and kindness of The Lord,” Fitzpatrick said, “We want to see people healed and set free from sin, sickness, shame and fear as well as walk in the joy and bliss of knowing Jesus.”

If you would like to learn more ,  visit KCM is located at 6627 Lithia Pinecrest Rd.


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Libby is a writer for The Osprey Observer/The Christian Voice. She started as an intern in 2009 and upon finishing her internship, she was asked to stay on as a permanent writer for both papers. Libby lives in Brandon with her two rescue dogs, Olive and Bogey.